QUICK TIP: Mesh to Solid

Aaron.Magnin May 16, 2017 1 min read

After spending time at RAPID, the additive manufacturing conference that took place in Pittsburgh last week, I came back wanting to learn more about how we can use scanned data and STL’s effectively in Fusion 360. In the following QUICK TIP, I show you three methods you can employ to turn scans into solid geometry. The benefit of this, is the added capabilities that come by being solid.



The scan I use in this video, was an actual file someone asked me to look at, with all the imperfections that come with working with real data. Thanks to Travis from Circle Y Saddles for that!


To learn more about Autodesk Remake, check out their webpage. It’s an incredible tool, and as I mention, it opens up some new capabilities for anyone wanting to work with, or create scans.


I hope one of these three methods helps you in your next attempt to convert those meshes into solid. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do, but with enough practice and effort, you’ll be able to replicate the scanned data. Then again, with the added ability to machine toolpaths on mesh data, you may not even need to.


Have a great week!









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