The Snooze Feature in Fusion 360 Lets You Delay Product Updates

Keqing Song
Keqing Song June 1, 2023 4 min read

In this article, we address your top questions about the new Snooze feature in Fusion 360.


As part of our recent product update, you can now Snooze (or “Update Later”) a product update, delaying it to a later time. We’ve compiled a list that answers your top 10 questions about this exciting new feature. Let’s get into it.

What does the Snooze feature do?

Snooze is referring to the “Update Later” option found in the Job Status dialog when a product update becomes available. Selecting this option will delay you from taking the update for a period. Previously when you had a pending update, Fusion 360 updated to the latest version right after you restarted the application. Now, if you decide to Snooze the update, Fusion 360 will honor the Snooze duration, regardless of how many times you restart the application.

When should I use the Snooze feature?

When you are in the middle of an important task and want to minimize disruptions to the workflow, Snoozing a product update can help you and Fusion 360 maintain focus on the task at hand, and get the job done. Using Snooze also prevents you from needing to take Fusion 360 offline to avoid updates.

How do I Snooze a product update?

Next time Fusion 360 tells you that an update is available, you can select whether you want to “Update Now”, or “Update Later” in the notification dialog. Selecting “Update Later” will initiate Snooze and you will no longer be receiving product updates for the duration of your snooze period.

How long can I Snooze a product update before I must take it?

If you are paid subscriber, startup license, or trial user, you can snooze an update for 14 days. If you are on an Education license or Personal Use license, you can snooze an update for three days.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend staying up to date with the latest version of Fusion 360. Keeping up with updates ensures you have access to the newest features and improvements and that your version of Fusion 360 is always supported with the latest services behind the scenes. This is also why we’ve set the Snooze duration to a maximum of 14 days — going beyond that may cause version disparity and collaboration issues.

Once Fusion 360 updates after a Snooze period, can I Snooze again?

Yes, you can continue to snooze future updates as they become available.

Why don’t I see the Snooze option?

The Snooze option will only appear if you’ve updated to version 2.0.16265 of Fusion 360 or higher. If you’re running an older version of Fusion 360, you don’t have the Snooze functionality yet. Please update Fusion 360 by restarting the application.

Can I find out what’s new before I decide to Snooze?

Yes, before you decide whether to update right away or later, you can see what’s new in each update by clicking on the “Check out what’s new” link within the update dialog. That link will take you to the latest What’s New blog post.

Can I install a product update mid-Snooze?

Yes, you can take the update at any time during your Snooze period if you decide to do so.

Can I Snooze an update for my whole team?

No, you can only Snooze your own version of Fusion 360 and cannot “Batch-Snooze” versions for your whole team.

What happens if I’m Snoozing an update and try to open a design saved on a newer version?

Designs saved in newer versions of Fusion 360 are not backward compatible. This means if you Snoozed a product update and try to open a design that was saved in a new version of Fusion 360, you will have to update your Fusion 360 to the latest version to open that design.

To wrap up, the Snooze is currently available. You must update to V.2.0.16265 to have the feature so that you can use it for the next product updates moving forward.

Want to try other Fusion 360 features before they become official?

If you’d like to try other Fusion 360 features and functionality before they become available to everyone else, we encourage you to join our Insider Program. Our Insiders received advanced access to the snooze feature as part of our exclusive Insider Build. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at the link below.

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