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Luxury apartments include extra features or amenities that make the lives of occupants much more enjoyable and comfortable. The interior of these buildings much more beautiful than that of average moderately-priced apartments, making them an excellent option for individuals who want to improve their standard of living.

Remember that all rental apartments are not created equal. One can get value for his/her money by choosing an apartment that meets his needs. The following are the best features  and facilities that you can enjoy when you rent SA PUNTASSA – der Bauträger auf Mallorca residential apartments:

Interior Details

interior details

These apartments are aesthetically appealing, making them a popular choice for many people. Their interior details are more superior than those of moderately price buildings. Some of the interior features that you can find in these buildings include hardwood floors, modern bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, lighting fixtures, and beautiful showers. Those are the interior design features that improve the overall value and look of these buildings.

Nice Location

It is the dream of every person to live in a beautiful place. This is why you find most people looking for apartments in the most convenient and exciting part of towns or cities. An ideal location should be close to shops, parks, hospitals, and have quick access to airports and major roads. If you are looking for an urban rental, you should look for an apartment that is close to local attractions, shops, and restaurants.

A Nicer Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms that makes a family more connected since most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A kitchen that is poorly signed can negatively affect the price of an apartment. You should, therefore, ensure that your kitchen appliances, floors, countertops, and cabinets are modern and functional. A luxury apartment should have stainless steel appliances and attractive, granite countertops. In general, individuals who enjoy cooking should look for flats with nice kitchens.

Dryer and Washer


Washers and dryers considered are some of the favorite apartment features. These might seem like luxury items, but they can make one’s life easier. Having a nice, functional washer and dryer will ensure that your clothes do not get ruined in the dryer and washer, like what happens at the Laundromat.


Private Outside Space

Most people love spending their time outdoors, especially when the exterior conditions are favorable. A balcony, a porch, or a patio is an outdoor area that makes the living space more enjoyable. There are many ways of making the outdoor space more inviting and cosy. For instance, you can install welcoming chair sets and tables, a nice wind chime, or even place pots of colorful flowers.

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