Autodesk Maya Creative: Powerful animation, modeling, and rendering tools that flex to your creative needs

Available with Flex tokens.

Young Dragon – image courtesy of Gabriel Richaud

Why use Autodesk Maya Creative?

Flexible access

Match your unique project goals with flexible software access

Create breathtaking visuals

Push your creative limits further with a robust toolset

Manage complexity

Explore more possibilities with tools built to handle complexity

What you can do with Maya Creative

Plant creature model. Image courtesy of Ecem Okumus.

Get your creations moving with engaging animation tools

Maya Creative’s animation tools simplify the process of creating and editing animations, saving you time so you can focus on creativity.

Dragon creature model. Image courtesy of Diego Kasper.

Render beautiful, high-quality 3D images

Work with a powerful artist-friendly renderer that delivers impressive, predictable results in fewer clicks.

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Maya Creative

Maya Creative



Animation and rigging


3D modeling




Dynamics and effects


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Autodesk Maya Creative used for?

Autodesk Maya Creative is a professional 3D animation, modeling, and rendering toolset for film, TV, and game production.

Who uses Autodesk Maya Creative?

Autodesk Maya Creative is used by 3D modelers and animators across the film, TV, and game industries.

Is Autodesk Maya Creative available as a subscription?

No, Autodesk Maya Creative is only available through Autodesk Flex, a pay-as-you-go option for daily product use. Visit the Autodesk Flex Benefits page to learn more.

Which operating system does Maya Creative run on? 

Maya Creative can run on Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® macOS®. See Maya Creative system requirements for details.

What is the difference between Maya and Maya Creative?

Autodesk Maya® software provides tools for a wide range of tasks such as motion graphics, dynamics, simulation, and FX, while Autodesk Maya Creative offers professional 3D tools including animation, rigging, modeling, and rendering. Compare Maya and Maya Creative.

How much does Maya Creative cost?

Autodesk Maya Creative costs 1 token daily.
Visit to learn more.

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