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vacuum cleanerWe all know that maintaining a clean home can be quite a difficult task. Children, pets and spouses only ass to the mix, and it seems impossible to do.

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner like the DC65 Animal Complete will ensure cleaning takes the least amount of time and is easy, allowing you to clean more frequently, but spend much less time doing it.

Most people don’t like cleaning and put it off for months. This results in an entire day or weekend spent cleaning every couple of months, with your house looking like a mess in between the infrequent cleans. What if you had the perfect vacuum with the right accessories, and you could clean your house in an hour or two each week and have a clean home all the time? Would that make you consider cleaning more frequently?

First, you need to find a vacuum that is easy to move about. If the vacuum is heavy and clunky, you will spend half of your time trying to move it around the house. If your apartment or house has multiple levels, you must have a vacuum that you can carry up and down the stairs with the least effort. It is often good to either go to the store to see and feel the vacuum, read reviews online or use a friend’s vacuum. Which friend would say no to the opportunity to have you come over and vacuum her house? When reading reviews, pay attention to comments on the maneuverability of the vacuum and ease of use. Also make sure the cord for the vacuum is long enough to reach the electrical plugs in your house.

Accessories are extremely important. Walk around your house and take an inventory of the toughest places to vacuum and or clean. Is it the ceiling fan, the blinds on your upstairs windows, underneath the couch? I recommend writing all these challenging cleaning places in your house down on a piece of paper, and then looking at the accessories that come with each vacuum. If you feel the accessories of a particular vacuum will reach those hard to get to places, then you are more than halfway to owning the perfect vacuum for your house!kinds of Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, after you have found three to five vacuums that are easy to haul around your house and have the proper accessories, read reviews on how well they clean and their durability. Major brand name vacuums should all clean reasonably well, but some vacuums will undoubtedly clean better. Pay attention to how well they clean on different surfaces such as wood floors versus carpets and factor that into your decision. A vacuum that gets glowing reviews for cleaning the wood floor isn’t relevant to you if you only have carpet.

Finding the vacuum requires a bit of work but that will help you save more time in the future and also help you keep a nice clean home.