20+ Fusion 360 Additive Manufacturing Techniques & Tutorials

Pooria Sohi
Pooria Sohi February 24, 2021 4 min read

You probably noticed some tasty new Fusion 360 additive manufacturing capabilities, from the FFF space and slicers to the metal additive manufacturing capabilities and even Additive Simulation!

In the midst of all these new updates, we thought now would be an appropriate time to revisit the many incredible Fusion 360 additive manufacturing tutorials and classes taught at Autodesk University. Below is a master list of classes, including a quick synopsis of what is covered in each lesson so you can focus on the lessons that are most relevant to you.

Additive Manufacturing for Beginners

100 Things Beginners Should Learn in Fusion 360

Need to get up to speed but don’t have the time for any of those in-depth additive manufacturing tutorials? Look no further if you want to know enough to be dangerous!

Fusion 360 and 3D Printing—Tips and Tricks for a Successful Workflow

What’s it about: if you are just getting started with Fusion 360, this quick primer will get you up to speed with some basic additive manufacturing principles and show you how the basic additive space in Fusion 360 works!

Comparing Five Industrial 3D-Printing Methods: MJF, SLS, FDM, SLA, and DLS

What’s it about: Need a quick primer on the different benefits of each additive manufacturing technology? Can’t remember the difference between Multi Jet Fusion and Direct Laser Sintering? This course has you covered, and who better to learn from than Xometry?

Application Theory

3D Printing PPE: A Three-Minute Face Shield Solution

Want to see a quick breakdown of taking an idea to reality using additive as your manufacturing process? Check out this brilliant session by Elizabeth Bishop to get your creative flow going!

How to Redesign Parts for Metal 3D Printing

Working with metal AM? Check this lesson out to get a quick primer on identifying parts of your dataset that will need modifications for printing with Metal!

Design Focused for Additive Manufacturing

Need an understanding of how to optimize light-weighting, engineering spec, or generally need tips on how to design products manufactured with 3D printing? Look no further.

Design a Nocturnal Solar Light Bulb in 60 Minutes

Want to see a practical application of design skills in ECAD and MCAD, with additive manufacturing considerations? This class will go through how to design enclosures, work with Fusion 360’s electronics design space, and design with consideration for FFF.

Additive Manufacturing: A 360 Approach

A comprehensive overview of designing for Additive Manufacturing, including workflows for both Fusion 360 and Netfabb.

Learning Advanced Additive Manufacturing Workflows Within Fusion 360

A dedicated look at the additive manufacturing space in Fusion 360 and some best practices!

Journey of Discovery with FDM Printing and Fusion 360

Learn about the limitations discovered during the design and modeling process and the alternative workflows, learn how to model by exploring the design considerations and conception process from an engineering standpoint. Explore how printing with FDM 3D printers affected the design and learn how to anticipate printing requirements.

Linking DFAM, Design Optimization, and Generative Design

Learn about DFAM freedoms and constraints, material property variation within the mesoscale, design impacts on material properties, and mechanical fatigue as a design parameter.

Design Focused for Additive Manufacturing

Learn how to change existing designs to optimize the additive build process. Discover the right and wrong way to lightweight a part and learn how part orientation can affect building quality and success. Learn about when the printing process will fail before trying to build apart.

Additive Manufacturing Theory

Additive Manufacturing: Understanding and Applying Key Design Considerations

Need a primer on best practices when designing for AM? Want some tips for Generative Design too? Look no further than this tutorial.

“Barriers to Entry” for Large-Format Additive Manufacturing

Got big ideas? Like literally big? As in, a giant in scale and requiring large format printing? Look no further; Adam Day has you covered with best practices for getting the most out of large-scale additive!

The Road to Agile Manufacturing with the Help of Fusion 360

Need help turning a big project into sprints? Need a hand with maximizing productivity to achieve an idea?

Design for Digital Manufacturing (DfDM): Focused on Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Need tips on how to design specifically for Additive manufacturing and digital manufacturing? Get a comprehensive overview here from the founder of You3dit.

Generative Design + Additive Manufacturing

Generative Design and Additive Manufacturing for Work—and Play

Generative design and Additive Manufacturing are probably only beaten out by peanut butter and chocolate as the greatest combo of things on the planet (I might be biased, who knew?), and getting the most out of both of these technologies can be challenging! Check out this masterclass to get up to speed super-fast.

Additive Manufacturing: Understanding and Applying Key Design Considerations

Need a primer on best practices when designing for AM? Want some tips for Generative Design too? Look no further!

The When and Why of Generative Design in Fusion 360

Think Generative Design might have a place in your project? Check this one out!

Exploration of Generative Design from practical usage for products designer

Generative design is an incredibly powerful tool with applications in many industries. Getting started requires some additional thought about approaching design problems to ensure you get the most out of the technology. This session will introduce design development processes that incorporate Generative design so that you can apply the principles to your own work.

Future of Fracture Fixation: A Generative Design Approach to Surgical Implants

Working on a medical project? This one is for you.

Generative Design Masterclass

A master class from the master, Matt Lemay.

Sustainable Practices

How Sustainability and Fusion 360 Can Help You Save Money and the Planet

Keeping sustainable principles in mind when designing for any manufacturing process can be a pain, not least for additive manufacturing! In this masterclass, Autodesk experts will take you through what you can do to get the most out of your design ideas.

Ready to show what you know? Download Fusion 360 (if you haven’t already) to take your additive manufacturing projects to the next level.


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